View player stats at the World Cup live using AR

View player stats at the World Cup live using AR


FIFA+Application using AR-technological displays on the field, thermal maps, re-emits the VAR in World Cup 2022.

The people who saw the game live on the stadium in Qatar could use smartphone to install FIFA+. When heading the camera to any player, an AR layer consists of information like names, speed, navigation, thermal maps… will show the details on the screen in the time of the process.
The user can also review the slow footage, the VAR situation interferes or flashing some of the missing sodes… the highlighted information, the statistics of the story about the World Cup were updated.

                                     AR-working on FIFA+. Video: ESPN/Twitter

In the video that ESPN posted on Instagram, a FIFA+, heading the camera to the stadium and saw the player’s viewer information that shows up in the AR-caliber technology, can watch the time of my collision. Video is nearly 200.000 a watch after 13 post.

World Cup 2022 happens in Qatar is one of the World Cup that uses most technology. The games are now deploying technology to capture its autonomy, an Al Rihla ball that synthesized data as high as speed, its course.

FIFA+, the World Cup 2022 has a FIFA Player app, providing detailed data on each player’s performance after each game and the first time it was applied at the World Cup.

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