Musk says Twitter’s new users are at a record high

Musk says Twitter’s new users are at a record high

The Elon Musk billionaire says the latest Twitter users are on top of the highest levels, despite all the commercial agencies.

On the tweet of 27/11, Musk says it’s coming from 16/11, every day on Twitter, two million new registration, six six six-6%since mid-21. number of every day’s is almost a 30.

The U.S. billionaires also assed enemy lock on the base is substantial, the calculations of 13/11, compared to last month. However, the anonymous account reports have increased at the beginning of this month when the company develops 8 USD extras to the user of Blue Twitter.

Elon Musk says Twitter is one of the important steps that will soon gain ambition to create an X-Files. In recent reports, Musk also refer to the Twitter concept of Twitter Monuments. In your image, the future Twitter will encrypt a message directly, add your phone features, payment and allow the user to be longer tweeted.

Musk says Twitter's new users are at a record high

Elon Musk gave a speech in the Texas State of Texas last month.

The record numbers were addressed by Musk in the history of mass commercials leaving, which had General Motors, Mondelez International, Volkswagen AG. The first reason we’ve been identified is because of basic properties since Musk took over. However, the South African billionaire thinks that “revenue cartels are too fast” is caused by social activity groups to thrust into advertising homes. Musk used to threaten Twitter companies, but then he tried to convince them to come back. Operations continue their campaign to call Twitter bleachers when Musk decides to restore accounts to the former Donald Trump. In tweets 25/11, Musk says that his account is that Mr. Trump’s account was a mistake to be repaired.

The new Twitter user’s contradiction with the personnel situation in the company, hundreds of employees have decided to retire after Musk gets to the ultimatum, make them work harder. First month 11, the company also fired half the personnel.

One of Musk’s greatest changes when Twitter takes over is conducting a green account account fee. Also, since the day two/12-1 social media will deploy extra gold for corporate and gray companies for the government. Elon Musk also assed the green profile that will be applied to every individual’s personal user, which is necessity, doesn’t matter if it’s the celebrity. The accounts will be verified before providing authentic authentication.

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