China’s chip industry faces ‘semiconductor winter’

China’s chip industry faces ‘semiconductor winter’

America’s embargo used to develop Chinese guidelines, but a lot of companies are covering worse status in five 2023.

A startup startup would tell you that you saw the leader of a famous investment company in the chip in the margin of an event in the last week. This man decided to approach the idea and offer his investment, but he failed to run away.

“We will soon run out of money without a new investment, not as easy as two years ago, when the former president of the United States Donald Trump started to impose the embargo on China and push its investment in the country”, a hidden home for good or something.

You’re just one of the Chinese chip leaders that are trying to avoid the storm that swept the field. The sanctions are now acting bad to investment and highly alert the Chinese guidelines will be facing a lot of hard years.

The workers at a microchip plant in China this month 3.
Five 20, America gave dozens of Chinese companies, there was SMIC and Hikvision, on the black list. This activates an outbreak in the area of design and microchip in China, when all the hard-working companies respond to the government’s own technology. For example, Biren Technology, one of the chip builders, took advantage of the advantage and called by 649 million USD in 18 months after the stock.
In five 2021, China has added 592 company to chip, equivalent to 11 startup new life every week. The area is concentrated on high tech like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuthering and Nanking, there’s eight-year-old-year-old in-21.
The situation has changed considerable after that. In the early Semicon Convention of the month, four of the five leaders of Chinese chip companies warning the next year, it’ll be hard to say they’re preparing for the winter for guide.
According to Liu Erzhuang, the CEO of Technologies, aside from the politics of politics, other causes can tell us about Covid-19-19-19-19 profits in the United States. Zhang Guoming, the chairman of the manufacturer to sell Hwatsing Technology, tells me that Chinese corporations have been predicted and are ready to take down next year.
The Gartner consultation company in the month of 7’s also reported that the sales industry will diminish in five 2023 due high and unlimited and unlimited, end one of the largest developments in the history.

New export control has been announced in months 10 was also a surprise blow to the Chinese chip. According to that, the corporations in the world are not allowed to sell computer chips or advanced technology to China if in American technology. They have to apply to the U.S. authorities to authorize it.

“The new restriction has made us difficult to invest in advanced production chains in the future. Need to study and develop more to prepare for this winter”, Zhang says.

The restraining order has a permanent effect. Biren used to claim that the ability to build a microchip stronger than Nvidia, but now it has to cut down the product’s power to avoid control. Some sources leaked the T-Head unit of Alibaba’s trying to fix the 5 nanomet process was designed for an AI.
Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken (second from left to left) visiting Applied Materials from January.
Making sure that overseas supply sequence is also the key to the Chinese chip-based companies, when they depend on advanced manufacturer factories like TS. HiSilicon, Huawei’s chip unit, denying that they’ll be able to produce a smartphone chip in five 2023.

Losing a receipt, low-income shortage of investment could cause some of Chinese businesses to bankrupt. Xing Xiao, CEO of Haiwang Fund, says one of the equipment businesses they’ve invested has to cut 20%a single single file.

The CXMT is one of two Chinese chip builders. They’re supposed to be the top target of new restrictions from America, which prevents Chinese access to the DRAM chip under an 18-8 chip, as well as a NAND chip on 128 class. Although, some leaders still hope this situation doesn’t last too long a year and the Chinese guidance industry can recover in 2024.

Around 3.470 companies have a “chip” in your name or a sales description in China has stopped operations during the months 1-8, over 3.4202021, according to the statistics of the Quica file platform.

“The Chinese industry is in a state of decay, business dealing with a lot of problems, which has minimize the motion of operations and lower profits before”, Wang Chikun, the research in the North Beijing, deemed in the process.
The largest companies in the industry are not immune to the current situation. “The politics and the translators have made a short shift, we need to.


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