Best Fintech Credit Cards in 2022

Best Fintech Credit Cards in 2022

Fintech (a combination of finance and technology) is disrupting the banking industry and changing the world of finance for consumers. More recently, Fintech has entered the credit card market. Let’s take a closer look at what products are available.

What is a Fintech credit card?

Before we go any further, let’s be clear about what a Fintech credit card is. It’s a credit or debit card issued by a company in the fintech sector, not your local commercial bank. Some are also known as Neobank or Challenger Bank because they favor online services over traditional financial services. This new way of working is partly to change the way the banking model works, but also to save customers money and give access to people who can’t get a regular bank account.

There are two types of fintech credit cards.

One is a problem associated with existing bank partners or payment networks.

It is issued only through Neobank.

The second case means that fintech companies have launched their own credit cards, and the first case is a bit more interesting. Some financial technology companies are partnering with banks or other payment networks to bundle credit cards for their customers. They keep the classic look of the cards, but add more perks, such as rewards or other features.

The best fintech credit cards compared to bank cards: a comparison.

As mentioned earlier, some fintech cards may be the result of a collaboration between a company and a bank. However, traditional bank cards and the best fintech credit cards are different, and we’ll mention some of the following methods.

  • Format: When you introduce a bank card, you think it’s plastic, right? Traditional bank cards fit, and some fintech credit cards can. However, if a company offers plastic cards, it may be an additional option. This is because the whole idea of fintech is to use devices to access finances quickly and easily without any other tools. Applications are currently available on some bank cards, but you will need to go through a lengthy application process for authorization, authentication, etc. For this card. Unlike the best Fintech credit cards, you can only make super-fast payments with smartphones and apps that issue cards. You don’t have to wait in line to renew your card, lose your plastic card or get out of service. If you keep your phone safe, you can keep your card safe.
  • Eco-friendliness: In the same context of format differences, we can’t help but mention the environmental benefits of the best fintech credit cards. According to the publication, banks issue more than 6 billion plastic cards every year! Some people use recycled plastic to create cards, but the best way to prevent plastic consumption is to block it, and using fintech cards in your application is a great solution!
  • Taxes: Setting up and maintaining a bank account with a local bank can cost more, especially if you don’t currently have a steady income. Taxes on using your credit or debit card can also be very high. But this is solved with a better fintech credit card. As we mentioned, they have lower fees and much lower interest rates than traditional bank cards.
  • Affordability: Many people can’t qualify for or afford a standard bank account as well as a credit card. Here, the best fintech credit cards are offered as a solution for people who don’t have enough and don’t have banks. They provide an easy way to access finances using only smartphones. Since most people in developed countries have smart devices, fintech is a viable option for many people who can’t use traditional banks.

The best fintech credit card.


You can apply for a Joppa credit card online and enjoy immediate eligibility that doesn’t affect your credit score. Once approved, you can manage your credit card through the app, including downloading your statement and checking where you’ve spent it. You can receive instant payment notifications and use the credit cushion feature to earn a portion of your available balance when you really need it. There are no fees for using the cards overseas, and the cards are easy to freeze if you find unusual transactions. Interest rates vary depending on your situation.


Revolut is a fintech company with a wide range of services such as debit and virtual cards, as well as currency exchange, duty-free stock trading, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and commodities such as XRP. The app includes the company as the best fintech credit card provider because it not only allows you to access bank services and cards, but also allows you to apply for plastic cards that can be used worldwide. This fintech credit card has no hidden extra fees, you can pay interest within 62 days, you can get a 1% cashback on non-cash purchases for 3 months, and later you can reduce it by 0.1%, but it’s still a significant benefit.


Jaya credit cards can be managed through an app that allows you to track spending, categorize transactions, and easily freeze and unblock cards. There are no annual fees for using the cards overseas. Zaza is not currently accepting new customers with credit cards. However, in 2019, we partnered with Bank of Ireland to acquire our existing credit card portfolio, including credit cards, from AA and the Post Office.


Tymit Credit is designed for people with average to high credit points who can choose how to pay for their purchases. If you set up for more than three months, no interest is charged. Alternatively, you can spread the cost out in installments over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months at an interest rate of 22.4% per year. There are no annual fees or foreign exchange fees. Time Accelerators, on the other hand, are designed for people who want to improve their credit score. If you save as many booster ports as you want, you get a credit limit equivalent to that amount. If you use it responsibly, your credit rating will begin to increase. The monthly fee is £9.95.


Bip offers cardless credit cards, allowing you to access your credit line without using a physical card. Instead, you can fully manage your credit account from your phone. If you use Bip overseas, you won’t be charged annual fees, late fees or excess fees, or additional charges. You can also limit your own charges and see instant balance updates. You can choose to purchase online using your Bip number, expiration date and CVV, or pay online or in-store with Google and Apple Pay.

The company is like the miracle baby on the block, not only does it seem unstable and unlike others, but it also wants to fight the traditionalists (in this case, the banks). Rad Unicorn is one of the best fintech credit cards because it offers free metal real cards as well as a mobile card app. Plus, with their services, you can get paid two days early, pay no fees or interest, and never overspend. There are many additional permissions for the app, as well as stealth cards that can be used more securely in various instances, such as signing up for a free trial.


Keebo is designed for people who want credit points that may have been declined by traditional high street banks. The card is designed to be “invitation-only,” but you can request an invitation to access the website. Keebo uses open banking to connect all your bank accounts to better understand your financial situation and determine your availability. Once you hand over your card, you can set up automatic payments through the app and track your spending history. Every transaction you make with this card is used to earn you Kibo points, which can help you increase your credit. There is no annual fee.

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