Best Digital Insurance Companies

Best Digital Insurance Companies

These days it seems like everything can be done online, from seeing a doctor via video to ordering groceries on an app. Insurance is no different. In fact, there are many digital insurance companies that offer online and app-based services. For many customers, you no longer need to talk to an agent.

Similar to digital banking, digital insurance companies have emerged that provide more personalized and efficient services to insureds. The times when insurance or filing a claim required a lot of paperwork are gone. Digital insurance companies are streamlined in terms of speed. Use the app to get real-time quotes, view policies and make purchases, make claims and get reviews. This allows brokers to receive and process information seamlessly without the need for a single system. Often, prospective clients do not need to consult with their agent before taking out the appropriate insurance policy. This process ensures high efficiency and flexibility.

The best digital insurance company.

Below is a list of the best digital insurance providers. Many of these companies offer more than one insurance policy, but I’ve briefly explained which insurance is best for each type of coverage.


Esurance was chosen as the overall provider for how simple the platform is with so many insurance products that customers can use without having to talk to an agent if they don’t want to.

Many Esurance products can be ordered, bundled and purchased online or through a mobile app without having to talk to an agent. If you don’t plan to pay your premiums in full online when you start insurance, keep in mind that Esurance charges a monthly installment fee. Depending on your coverage, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $10 per month.


Although Lemonade is a newcomer, the insurance company has been a pioneer in its industry. With unique features such as easy billing, instant payment, no-home insurance and online services, Itongsa is ahead of other insurers in the homeowners insurance sector.

Lemonade is sold in 36 states, and Washington, D.C., provides policies for homeowners everywhere. This policy includes a wide list of additional enforcement options, so you can easily personalize a policy that fits your needs perfectly.

Lemonade will save you the stress and hassle of your homeowner’s insurance procedures. With this operator, you can customize a policy from start to finish by simply double-clicking the screen. You can get a quote in as little as two seconds. And in less than two minutes, the policy is ready.

The insurance company charges a percentage of your premium for operating expenses and billing. After the fees and billing are deducted, the remaining money is automatically transferred to the right charity.

Get Insurance.

Digital insurer Insurify provides real and accurate auto insurance quotes, using artificial intelligence to enter your zip code and answer questions about who you are and how you use your car.

Insurify provides auto insurance quotes through partnerships with more than 200 partner auto insurance companies, including top-rated auto insurers such as Esurance, Farmers, AIG, Progressive, Safeco, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. The company has its own software called RateRank, which matches drivers with the best auto insurance options based on their unique risk profile. This software gives you the best option for auto insurance. Insurance coverage is available in all 50 states.

Liberty Mutual.

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual is the world’s sixth largest real estate insurance company. There are many insurance options for both individuals and businesses, but what makes them different is the car insurance. First of all, Liberty’s prices and package discounts are very competitive with other auto insurers (of course, your rates will vary depending on your situation). In addition, Liberty’s billing process is streamlined, so it can take 5 to 10 minutes to send your bill online, and Liberty will handle the rest, being contacted if necessary.

Because Liberty has accident forgiveness, no charges will automatically be filed in the event of an accident. In addition, Liberty can purchase new vehicles of better quality, compensating vehicles that are a year older and have reduced mileage by 15,000 miles, through improved vehicle replacement features.


Hippo, a technology-based insurance platform for homeowners insurance, has been in business since 2017. The company offers ultra-fast premiums and competitive premiums. Hippo runs underwriting operations in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious reinsurance companies, but this has held up some customers who want Hippo to handle insurance claims directly.

Unlike many digital First insurance companies, Hippo provides customer service by phone 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Received an “A” rating for customer service and financial well-being from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Overall, Hippo should be one of your home insurance options, but look around for the best estimates and coverage.


As a tech-savvy car insurance company, Root began directly rewarding good drivers for good driving habits. The app is feature-rich and allows drivers to cut their insurance premiums in half (or more).

Root samples are 2- or 3-week digital trip trackers performed directly through the Root mobile app. It allows you to measure and evaluate your daily driving habits, including your speed, aggressiveness and even the time you are most often behind the wheel during the day. This data allows route operators to better calculate the risks they face while driving, and as a result, they can be compensated with lower premiums.

Oscar Health.

Oscar Health Insurance was launched in 2012 and provides health insurance in 22 states. The Oscar app is downloadable and compatible with Android and iOS. This app provides 24×7 24×7 physician consultation services.

With this app, you can usually get a call back from your doctor in minutes by simply tapping on the app to request a call back from your on-call doctor. The app can also send prescriptions to pharmacies. Your concierge team includes a registered nurse and three care guides who provide medical assistance and answer questions. This company even offers health insurance for active people.


Ladder offers term life insurance through an online service that makes the life insurance enrollment process quick and easy (did you notice the thread with this list?). Everything is done online, you can get a quote in seconds and apply in minutes. What makes Ladder unique is that you can change your coverage as your needs change, such as applying to increase or decrease your coverage as your life situation changes, like having a baby or growing up.

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